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What is Reflexology exactly? It's not just a foot massaging! What is reflexology? Reflexology is the application of pressure to certain reflex points on your foot. These reflex points correspond to the organs and parts of the body. Some ailments can be relieved by the treatment. Reflexology, one o

Mar 19

What is Reflexology exactly? It's not just a foot massaging!

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of pressure to certain reflex points on your foot. These reflex points correspond to the organs and parts of the body. Some ailments can be relieved by treatment.

Reflexology, one of the most well-known types of massage, is a popular choice. Beyond the sensation of relaxation, the practice and purpose behind the treatment go far beyond the skin and muscle. The treatment will include a number of movements such as kneading on the soft fleshy ball of your foot, pulling on the heels, pushing down into the arch, and tracing around the heel.

But what does all this mean? You can get treatment by following the steps below.

foot reflexology chart

The image to the left shows a sample of a reflexology map or foot chart. It shows where the foot connects with each organ or part of the body.

A reflexologist will use this diagram during a session. Sometimes, reflexologists will also treat the ears or the hands but the most commonly used treatment is foot reflexology.

You can see that there is a spot on this map for each organ or system of the body. Reflexologists are trained to treat specific areas of your body by using their feet.

Reflexology differs from foot massages in that it uses different techniques

These treatments may appear similar but there are key differences. Both can be helpful! You can choose between a foot or reflexology massage.

Massage therapy aims to relax the muscles and relieve tension. This can improve your overall health, well-being, and general well-being.

Reflexology, however, uses a targeted pressure-point massage to increase energy flow throughout the body. Although most of the attention is given to the feet, the treatment can also include the hands and ears.

These treatments can offer many benefits. This leads us to the next question.

What are the potential benefits?

Reflexology can be used to treat anything, including headaches, sinus problems, and stomach issues. Sensitivity or tenderness when an area of the body is stimulated can indicate a weakness in that organ.

Reflexology can clear blocked energy channels by applying pressure repeatedly and manipulating the nerve endings. It purports to move blood flow, nutrients, as well as nerve impulses. This leads to better health and balance.

Other benefits possible:

  • Clear your body of toxins
  • You can boost your immune system
  • Increase circulation
  • Promote healing
  • Balance energy

What to Expect in the spa

Okay, now you're ready to reserve a reflexology treatment. There are many things you need to know about booking a massage and what it's like. We will take you through the process in detail so that there are no surprises.

Before you go

A reflexology practitioner must understand and be certified in order to be effective.

Many spas offer reflexology. Massage Mesa is a great place to search for popular spas and find the services that you are looking for. Use our search to locate a local spa, view reviews, and schedule a session online.

But there might be questions you have about the treatment. Let's address those.

What does a reflexology masseuse cost?

The prices for reflexology, like all spa treatments and massage therapy, will vary from spa to spa. Although the prices are usually comparable to traditional massages, they are generally similar. For a 1-hour treatment, expect to pay between $40-90 and $30-50. For a 30-minute massage, the price range is between $30-50.

What is a session of reflexology?

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, but it may last up to one hour. Your reflexologist can help you with issues such as constipation, headaches due to tension, and trouble sleeping.

During the session, you are required to dress appropriately and be able to sit or lie down. The therapist will massage, press on, or squeeze your feet. To relieve specific conditions, the therapist may target certain areas. So, for example, if you have trouble with your sinuses, the therapist will focus on your toes. However, the therapist might also focus on your entire foot in order to strengthen every system of the body.


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