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September is National Recovery Month

Sep 9

September is National Recovery Month, and it is an opportunity to celebrate recovery and overcome past mistakes. Each year's theme varies, but the main purpose of the month is to celebrate recovery and celebrate victory while also honoring those who have suffered from past bad decisions. Previously, the month was sponsored by SAMHSA, but this year, the event is sponsored by the Faces & Voices of Recovery. You can find out more about the theme and sponsor here.

Success stories

September is National Recovery Month, which is an important time to celebrate the successes of recovery from addiction and raise awareness about the importance of treatment and prevention. There are events held nationwide and local resources available to help people struggling with addiction find the path to recovery. If you are suffering from addiction, you can get the help you need immediately and start your recovery journey.

The Voices of Hope project highlights the stories of those in recovery, with the aim of educating communities about the disease of addiction and reducing the stigma associated with it. It features the stories of people who have recovered from addiction and are now successful in their lives.

What is Recovery Month? - Bradford Health Services


September is National Recovery Month, a time to educate Americans about mental health and substance use disorders and celebrate recovery. It is also a time to promote prevention efforts and treatment programs. Recovery is possible, and prevention programs do work. Prevention and treatment are key components to a person's recovery.

Recovery Month honors the work of treatment providers and long-term recovery achievements. It also raises awareness about mental health and addiction and empowers citizens to take action. The event includes a series of speakers and educational programs to promote recovery and prevent relapse.


September is National Recovery Month for treatment, and the month is dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of recovery. The month is sponsored by organizations that are involved in recovery, healthcare providers, and individual patients. Recovery Month aims to increase awareness about mental health, celebrate the triumphs of people who are recovering, and provide encouragement to those who are still struggling.

To promote recovery, people can educate themselves about the various options available and encourage local politicians to issue proclamations. They can also share their stories and experiences related to addiction. These experiences can help other people understand the importance of treatment and recovery.

Access to services

If you have an addiction, there are many resources and events available to help you get back on your feet. September is National Recovery Month, a time for celebrating the recovery community and promoting evidence-based treatment. Recovery services are available in many forms, from local resources to online resources. Throughout the month, you can find events, support groups, and 12-step meetings.

The theme of the month is Recovery is for Everyone, which acknowledges the fact that addiction and mental illness can affect anyone. In addition, President Biden's proclamation declaring September as National Recovery Month demonstrates the White House's support of recovery. This nationwide recognition will make it easier for people to get the treatment and support they need to be successful.

Social media campaigns

National Recovery Month is a great time to spread the word about substance abuse recovery and the recovery community. The goal of the month is to raise awareness and promote evidence-based treatment practices. It also celebrates those who are in recovery and the accomplishments they have made. Social media can help organizations share their messages and educate the public about the need for substance abuse treatment.

Before launching a social media campaign for National Recovery Month, treatment centers should create an overall plan. This includes identifying the goals of the campaign and a content calendar. The calendar can be simple or extensive.


September is National Recovery Month, a month to celebrate recovery and sobriety. The month is marked by events held by treatment centers, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to remove the stigma surrounding addiction. This month also encourages open dialogue about the disease and the resources available to treat it. By raising awareness about recovery, we can help make our communities safer and less stigmatized.

Recovery Month activities include seminars, awareness walks, PSAs, and documentary viewings. The Faces & Voices of Recovery website features an event calendar and provides more information. You can also purchase merch to promote Recovery Month events.